Available from Amazon & Your Favorite Independent Bookstore. KIRKUS STARRED REVIEW FOR FICTION OF EXCEPTIONAL MERIT
Can romantic-minded Salina accept the changes in her life while growing up in 1949 in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee? ALA BOOKLIST STARRED REVIEW, HORNBOOK, "FINELY CRAFTED & ENGAGING."
Celebrate 16-year-old Sacagawea's achievements as she travels 6,000 miles from North Dakota to the Pacific Coast and back again. KIRKUS, "INTRIGUING & WELL-WRITTEN."

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The Sign of the Weeping Virgin
A Mystery of Renaissance Florence ~
Famous Florentine poets, painters, and politicos walk though these pages. Guid'Antonio Vespucci knows them all - and he knows their darkest secrets.

"Primavera" (detail), Sandro Botticelli, Botticelli Hall, The Uffizi, Florence

Sandro Botticelli Self-Portrait, "The Adoration of the Magi," (detail), Botticelli Hall, The Uffizi, Florence

Come Next Spring
Heart-Warming Fiction for All Ages

Sacagawea: Westward With Lewis and Clark
No Stroller, No Car Seat, Just a New-Born Infant and 6,000 Miles of Rivers, Mountains, Black Bears, and Undaunted Courage.

"Too much knowing causes misery." Lorenzo de' Medici, "A Wood of Love, II"

Here are some titles from my collection of books on Renaissance Florence. For additional titles, please visit my pages at GoodReads.

"The Rise and Decline of the Medici Bank," Raymond de Roover
"The Renaissance Hospital," John Henderson
"Botticelli's Uffizi 'Adoration,'" Rab Hatfield
"Botticelli," Ronald Lightbown
"The Italian Renaissance Interior," Peter Thornton
"The Pazzi Conspiracy," H. Acton
"Dressing Renaissance Florence," Carole Collier Frick
"A Florentine Diary from 1450-1516," Luca Landucci
"Amerigo and the New World," & "El Embajador," German Arciniegas
"The Government of Florence Under the Medici," Nicolai Rubenstein
"The District of the Green Dragon," Nicholas Eckstein
"Neighbours & Neighbourhood in Renaissance Florence: The District of the Red Lion in the Fifteenth Century," D. W. and F. W. Kent
"Brunelleschi's Dome," Ross King
"The Renaissance Artist at Work," Bruce Cole
"Lawyers and Statecraft in Renaissance Florence," Lauro Martines
"The Laboring Classes in Renaissance Florence," Samuel K. Cohn, Jr.
"The Lives of the Medici as Told in Their Correspondence," Janet Ross
"The Tuscan Year," E. Romer
"The House of Medici: Its Rise and Fall," Christopher Hibbert
"Renaissance Florence," and many more titles by Gene Brucker
"The Angel in May," Alan Morehead (A wonderful piece on Angelo Poliziano, from "The New Yorker")