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Books, Movies, Art, & Music Set in Italy

The first in this fabulous series by Maurizio De Giovanni is set in Naples in the 1930s. Emerald-eyed Commissario Ricciardi has visions. A gift and a curse, it has made him one of the most successful homicide detectives on the Naples police force ~ but Ricciardi drinks too much, is shy, and has no friends.

De Giovanni's contemporary series set in Naples is terrific, beginning with The Bastards of Pizzofalcone. A ragtag  team of cops come together at the "worst precinct" in the city, solving murder while fighting to salvage their reputation.     

Good news! The Bastards are onscreen! Love, love, love this television series (in Italian with English subtitles). The cast is no less than perfect, the stories in alighnment with the book

Italian actors Laura Crescentini & Alessandro Gassman (as Lt. Giuseppe Lojacono, the leading bastard of Pizzofalcone). Bravo! (Photo Credit: MHz Choice)

Music, Music, Music!

It has been amazing to watch Il Volo, known to fans as "the boys," grow into men as they sing their gorgeous way into the hearts of listeners everywhere, now touring America. (2022). Pop, Contemporary, Opera. Give them a listen. They have incredible voices. {Wonder what they would think if they knew they have roles in the second Guid'Antonio mystery, "The Hearts of All on Fire?"

"The Boys" (Il Volo) when they first began their career as premier opera singers, debuting to American audiences on PBS. It has been fun watching these three fellows grow into the polished, stunningly talented performers they are today.

But of course . . .

In WV, amber-eyed, sultry artist Sandro Botticelli has a lot to say about Guid'Antonio's good looks, and also about Amerigo's daringly short tunics. (Self-Portrait, "The Adoration of the Magi," detail.