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More Books . . . .

The Sign of the Weeping Virgin

A Mystery of Renaissance Florence ~
Famous Florentine poets, painters, and politicos walk though these pages. Guid'Antonio Vespucci knows them all - and he knows their darkest secrets.
"Primavera" (detail), Sandro Botticelli, Botticelli Hall, The Uffizi, Florence
Sandro Botticelli Self-Portrait, "The Adoration of the Magi," (detail), Botticelli Hall, The Uffizi, Florence

Come Next Spring

Heart-Warming Fiction for All Ages

Sacagawea: Westward With Lewis and Clark

No Stroller, No Car Seat, Just a New-Born Infant and 6,000 Miles of Rivers, Mountains, Black Bears, and Undaunted Courage.